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Happy New Year! I am grateful to see every day, and especially a new January! I want to take the time and emphasize what you get from us here @ Angelic muziki.
I recently had a parent ask for their child to learn classical music and concentrated exercises, not just songs. I was quite surprised since we just finished a recital with quite a few pieces from The Nutcracker, but I explained that they just finished quite a high level of classical music as the pieces from the Nutcracker was written by a prominent Classical composer from the Romantic period and that the songs themselves build technique and many other unexplained benefits from reading music alone.
However, this made me realize that although I fill out lesson reports and do my best to communicate with parents, there may still be a little fuzziness. If you are musically inclined, you may not need as much of an explanation, but if you are not, or simply because you are not in the lesson, please don’t ever hesitate to ask. So thanks to the parent who asked, it helps me to help you and most importantly the student.
We offer guitar, drums, ukulele and gospel piano, but in my instruments (piano, voice) & mainly piano, every student will learn how to read music…PERIOD. If they are in the kid’s book, there are numerous worksheets and each song has a dedicated skill. If they are out of the book, they learn scales and chords catered to the piece they are working on. Piano is very mathematical and mechanical. They are getting a lot of “brain sweat” & motor skill exercise (yes even if they are 15!), because piano, especially when both hands play together, requires a lot of concentration and coordination. Thus the term “brain sweat”.
Rest assured that I am a musician, but also an educator. So again, if you ever have any questions as to what your child is learning or needs to work on, don’t hesitate to ask.

Dear Academy Student,
One of the ways that the Academy is able to grow is by enrolling great students just like you. We are on a goal to 100 PRIVATE students by the end of 2018. Help us reach that goal by letting others know.
The greatest compliment to us is your gift of telling someone else. As a thank you, you will receive 1 lesson FREE or a $25 VISA gift card!
Sooo, will you win a free lesson or a $25 Visa Gift Card?

Welcome our NEW students who enrolled in December!


Isabelle Wurtz

1. What instruments do you play?


2. How long have you taken lessons?

3 years

3. Who are your favorite musical artists?

Justin Bieber

4. What are your other hobbies, besides music?

Playing Minecraft

5. What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past three months?

How to play scales!

6. Do you have any other performances coming up?
All County Chorus with Ormond Beach Elementary

Meet our Neighbor:
Exceptional Studies Tutoring

We are proud to introduce to some, and present to others Exceptional Studies Tutoring, which is 3 doors down from Angelic Muziki!

Jakara Lewis is the founder and is an extremely hard worker, pursuing her doctorate degree in education as we speak!

Exceptional Studies Tutoring provides academic assistance to students of the primary, secondary, and collegiate level. We create a custom study regime based on the strengths and weaknesses of our clients. With the realm of education continuously growing, we aim to provide the skills necessary in order to adapt to this ever-changing environment.

Jakara Lewis, the founder, is currently a math teacher with Volusia County schools and a second year PHD student. She offers tutoring in all subject areas K-12, specializing in math.

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Call (386) 307- 3312 and let them know you are a student from Angelic Muziki to receive the code, or bring this coupon!


Important Information!

The Academy is growing and is in the process of scheduling small group lessons & SHOW CHOIR with the City of Daytona Beach’s Leisure and Cultural services! The classes WILL begin very soon, exact days/times TBA.

CONFIRMATIONS-Most of you have gotten a hang of the text/email system that we use. Reply 2 to confirm, enter cc info, receive receipt. I want to stress that if you need to cancel or reschedule, you can do so by clicking on the link in the text. From there it will show you available days/times. The process is complete when you receive a confirmation code. This ensures that you are not a robot. If the time you choose does not work, the teacher will reply with an alternate time. If your lesson is not confirmed, it is not on the schedule and will not happen. Also, if your lesson is confirmed and it is a no show, your lesson is still charged. The system gives reminders to help avoid this, but please remember to communicate as close to 24 hours as possible.

Remember we offer drums, guitar, ukulele in addition to traditional and gospel piano and voice. Take up a new instrument now!

Register and schedule your assessment for a 2nd instrument or upgrade to an 30 minutes until Jan.31, and receive a FREE ASSESSMENT & FREE REGISTRATION! 2nd lesson is 15% off (group rates are same price) Email us @ or call/text 386-516-4650 to reserve your spot.

We look forward to seeing you at your next lesson!

Musically yours,

Brejoya Perry